"The universe may be nothing but a giant hologram created by the mind." (David Bohm)


What is the  MHEIBC?

Shortly after the death of Milton H. Erickson, and the first Congress on Ericksonian Therapy, the Erickson Foundation announced that they were prepared to receive submissions for permission to use the Erickson name in the formation of institutes dedicated to the furtherance of the work of Dr. Erickson. I was one of the very early applicants to receive that permission. It had been a hope of mine that there would be enough therapists interested in the formation of an institute, and so I founded the "Milton H. Erickson Institute of Psychotherapy of British Columbia". Regrettably the numbers didn't instantly appear, and it was in the early days of e-mail and I don't think the World Wide Web was much more than a new idea out in cyber land. I hope that there might be sufficient numbers of interested therapists to make the Institute active. I feel very strongly that the Institute remain Ericksonian in its approach; other disciplines have their own organizations dedicated to their own particular approaches to therapy.


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