"The universe may be nothing but a giant hologram created by the mind." (David Bohm)

What is Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

There have been many attempts at defining what Milton Erickson did in therapy; his dictum was every patient brings a uniqueness to the therapeutic session, that can't be reduplicated. He believed that the hypnotic trance was an every day event; we all go into trance many times a day. However, in order to therapy, that is to create meaningful change, it is necessary to utilize the patient's hidden resources in some way. Stephen Gilligan spoke of this as "The unconscious, the agent of change". In Ericksonian therapy, I believe the therapist negotiated with the patient's unconscious to generate the therapeutic changes that are in his or her best interests for growth. Erickson spoke of the trance state as being naturalistic, in that it did not differ from the states of reverie that each of us experiences during our day. It is during these states that the unconscious is most amenable to co-operative work and hence change. I believe Dr. Erickson would expect each of us to utilize our own strengths and personalities when doing therapy, and not attempt to become carbon copies of him, or of any other Ericksonian therapist. Dr. Erickson utilized the patients own inner experiences of life to create those therapeutic changes that seemed most appropriate. He used trance, stories which were in fact metaphors, homework, and many other strategies to create that change. His extraordinary ability to observe his patient's slightest changes and elaborate on them has made him a legend in the field of psychotherapy.


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