"The universe may be nothing but a giant hologram created by the mind." (David Bohm)





I have been a counsellor, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist  for forty years. I am also a physician in family practice. My hypnotherapy practice is mainly by referral from health care providers, but self referral is also a part of the practice.I have successfully treated people with many diverse issues; medical, psychological, and lifestyle. Although much of my practice involves the treatment of medical problems, I have acted as mental coach to some of Canada's Olympic athletes, I provide performance enhancement for many sport and athletic situations. I am also available to law enforcemt agencies in providing forensic hypnosis for memory retrieval.  I have had an 80% success rate in helping smokers to stop smoking permanently. I am accepting referrals from professionals, and self referrals. In order to determine whether your issue is treatable using hypnosis, please send me a brief description of the issue, including your previous attempts at therapy. Please include your expectations regarding the results you would like to achieve by e-mail to, or contact Wheelhouse Integrative Medical Clinic On Millstream Rd 250-391-7554


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