"The universe may be nothing but a giant hologram created by the mind." (David Bohm)
I have been involved in mental training in almost every sport possible. One of the highlights of my work with athletes involved several Canadian National athletes, primarily in track and field. Runners who believed they were not capable of holding their own in world events such as the Olympics, suddenly found they had challenged and improved on their personal best performance on a continuous basis. Several golfers, tennis players, junior baseball players, lacrosse players, were able to improve their skills sometimes enabling them to compete at more prestigeous levels. I had a great deal of fun when asked to participate in a hockey camp for boys between the ages of eight to twelve. I have been priveleged to work with a martial artist who was able to improve his black belt level much sooner than he thought would happen. He has been kind enough to write of his experience with me.
 "This is a testimonial in regard to the work Dr. Brian Pound did with me in the late 80's. I was involved and still am in the very technical and physically challenging sport of Judo. At the physical level I was certainly competitive at a very high but was unable to achieve the kind of success I felt I was capable of.Dr. Pound through the use of hypnosis was able to elevate the mental aspect of my game to the point where at a subconscious level I could detect when an opponent was about to attack. At a subconscious level changes in my opponents heart rate, flesh tones and even pupil dilation were fed to my conscious mind which allowed me to take the appropriate action. One other thing that Dr. Pound was able to do was to give me a mechanism to deal with negative people and energies in order to be more focused on productive activities. I was not able to determine how that was done , although I remember something about a story of Lancelot during the hypnosis. More importantly is the fact that I no longer have a tolerance or problems with negative influences. As far as Judo is concerned in the years since Dr Pound did his work with me things have been outstanding. I returned to Japan for 5 years and gained more technical skill in 5 years than the previous 15. I've won Canadian, US and World masters competitions, started a Judo Club and have had students become national champions and medallists. I have great respect and appreciation for Dr.Pound for his assistance in this journey of mine in Judo."
(Mark Grant)
The game of golf is 90% mental, and 10% physical. I have worked with several golfers, but Frank Hawboldt has proven just how important mental training is in this game. Here are his comments on his experiiences with me
"As you are aware, Golf is an extremely important element in my life. It is a source of many complexities including: comfort, therapy, sport, challenge, a relationship builder and an opportunity to test all of these together with being and developing my ability to play a better game.
You as my Therapist and Coach did much to add to all these elements and I want to express a very special thank you. Being an Aries I tend to follow my daily horoscope with a fair level of consistency and one in particular would describe why I felt hypnotherapy might offer me an opportunity to improve in this sport. That direction was: “The more you can visualize your mind’s eye what it is you want from life the more likely you will get it.” This has merit but even more when you couple this with a Therapist that I found in Dr Brian Pound.
Lately, I have discovered that World Class Athletes like Tiger Woods have added to their support team, professionals who provide this type of therapy and undoubtedly have created desirable results. For me the latest achievement has been while playing a local nine hole course for the first time, I was able to par the last two holes. This was a first and a indication of what lies ahead.
Because of his experience and training as a physician, Dr Pound has and continues to have a major role to play as we proceed on this journey and Brian I thank you again.
Should anyone wishing to proceed along a similar course, which I highly recommend, I would be pleased to discuss my experience and the pleasure this therapy has provided."
 Frank Hawboldt @



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