"The universe may be nothing but a giant hologram created by the mind." (David Bohm)

One of my favorite areas to work with is that of enhancing creativity. I have had the opportunity to work with several people who felt they need to be more creative. I have worked with one author who had not been published at the time she consulted me, but who had a burning desire to publish a children's story book. After just one session of hypnotherapy, she was able to overcome her writer's block and write the book that she had only imagined in outline. The book was later published.

I have had the pleasure of being the mental coach to the Jazz singer, song writer, and music publisher, Miranda Sage. Miranda has an incredible voice and singing style, but was plagued by stage freight, which she felt inhibited her from performing with her full potential. She later had difficulty before a concert and the recording of her fourth CD, with the rapid fire changes in arrangement being thrown at her. In her own words, she said she was overwhelmed. I have asked her to provide a description of her work with me.

"I have sought the professional assistance of Dr. Brian Pound through hypnotherapy twice over the last few years. Both times produced tangible results. I am a jazz singer, recording artist, musician, and song writer. The first time I saw Dr. Pound was concerning stage fright. The session and post-hypnotic suggestion were most helpful, resulting in definite control over a problem that at times had been quite debilitating.

"The second time I was hypnotized by Dr. Pound was prior to a public appearance and recording session with some challenging arrangements. Again the session was most helpful, and the post-hypnotic suggestion was surprising and very effective. The performances and recording sessions were accomplished with ease and joy

Miranda Sage"

Any creative endevor is amenable to improvement through the use of hypnotherapy.


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